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For quite some time now I have often wondered if everything we need to fight cancer is right here in front of us. New research is always showing how combining certain foods have a synergistic effect in fighting cancer cells.  Now there is a lot of hype regarding the benefits of guanabana and its proven in destroying cancer.
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You may not be aware of the amazing health benefits of Guanabana fruit. New research is showing it can cure cancer.

Guanabana is a fruit that grows on evergreen trees where climates are warm and humid. Its flavor consists of a combination of pineapple, strawberry with citrus sour.

This fruit has been examined and researched to show that it is a proven cure for cancer.  Studies are showing it is 10,000 times more potent than any other cancer treatment minus side effects. The components in guanabana are more efficient than Adiamycin which is an agent used in chemotherapy.

Guanabana consists of a broad spectrum of antibiotic properties including anti-fungal and anti-parasitic.  It has also been used to regulate blood pressure, nerve disorders, depression and stress.

You want toe at the pulp raw to absorb it's health benefits. You can also make tea by taking 2 to 3 leaves with a half cup of boiled water.

This is just more evidence to show that everything we need to fight cancer might be right here in front of us.

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