Thursday, December 26, 2013


New medications are showing promise in the fight against cancer 

There is an abundance of recent developments from the medical world in regards to progress being made with alternative medications and methods in the war against cancer. Some countermeasures originally only used for treatment, are now being considered as a preventative measure as well.

Through the use of numerous clinical studies, the scientific community, as well as pharmaceutical companies continue to break ground in discovering new medications that are providing hope in helping people overcome various types of cancer. Some of these antidotes are succeeding where chemotherapy and radiation have previously failed. Here is an overview of some current developments happening in that field.

Cancer Tumors

Six years of research has determined that injecting nanoparticles made of iron into mice with cancer tumors may work as a cure See: Nanoparticles

Breast Cancer

In London researchers now believe the drug known as anastrazole may be used not only for women who were previously diagnosed with breast cancer, but also used in women as a preventative measure against breast cancer. See: Anastrazole



There are emerging stories detailing how doctors are helping those in their battle with leukemia through T-cell replacement therapy. The patients T-cells, which are the white blood cells that fight infections, are removed, genetically altered and reinserted back into the body where they then begin to attack the cancer cells. I have included a link detailing one story, but there are others like this resulting in the same positive outcome. See: T-Cell Replacement

Prostate cancer

Now here is some news that doesn’t require the implementation of a drug. Researchers say that grape seed extract is particularly effective against prostate cancer as it inhibits the growth of cancer cells. See: Grape Seed Extract

Blood and Bone Marrow Cancer

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the combining of the drug Gazyva in conjunction with chemotherapy for adults undergoing their first treatment for leukemia. See: Gazyva



Lung Cancer

It is determined that some of us have a gene that makes an abnormal protein resulting in cancer growth. By implementing new drugs in clinical trials, scientist are finding some medications that seem to work where lung cancer is concerned. See: Crizotinib
It is difficult to get an accurate count on the number of cancer survivors as many factors effect this number such as the type of cancer, when diagnoses occurred. Cancer survival rates are now over 13 million.

The bottom line here is that the medical world continues to make progress with great ambition in finding a cure for cancer.

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